Family Cvetkovič

Since 1986, we have been dedicated to reaching our main goal - to meet the needs of everyone entering our doorway. To feel and guess their expectations. To spoil and amaze. To perpetually remind the guests about pleasant times, to invent small surprises for them. To lift their spirits and make their wishes come true. Simply, to make them happy ...

... in an uncomplicated way. By unforgettable flavours of our cuisine, by entertaining social events, by relaxed holiday in the south-eastern part of Slovenia, by our quality offer of leisure and treatment, by a notion of a sweet escape behind a mysterious curtain of mighty pines. 

For everyone there is something to look forward to. We shall be glad of your visit.

  • 1986 – we opened the first privately-owned pizzeria in Posavje

  • 1993 – opening of Paradiso Discotheque (run till 2005)

  • 2001 – Paradiso tavern was established with meals à la carte

  • 2005 – Mexican dishes added to the menu

  • 2010 – opening of the Paradiso Hotel and Wellness Center

  • 2011 – Thermal water swimming pool opened

  • 2012 – expanding the pool and building children’s pools and whirlpool slide

  • 2014 – adding the slow river and water slides to the pool complex

  • 2015 – opening of the Sauna Oasis and Fitness Center

  • 2017 – expanding Paradiso Hotel with new rooms and restaurant