Facial Care

Active Pureness (60 min) 45,00 EUR
Facial care for oily, impure skin. 
Hydramemory (60 min) 50,00 EUR
Intense deep moisturisation for normal to dry skin.
Sublime Skin (60 min) 70,00 EUR
Rejuvenating treatment with collagen mask and Japanese facelifting massage which improves skin texture and makes fuller lifting effect.
Deluxe Lifting Sublime Skin (90 min) 80,00 EUR
In addition to sublime skin treatment, double peeling is added.
Sublime skin acid peeling (45) 45,00 EUR
Peeling which intensifies the process of reconstruction of skin cells on face, neck and chest.
Oxygen (60 min) 40,00 EUR
Oxygen treatment that increases the volume of the skin, oxygenation of skin cells and contributes to its detoxicaiton.
3 PEPTIDES (60 min) 50,00 EUR
Care with the strenght of biologially active peptides acting directly on the skin cells and with the reactivation of the genes revive their youthful potential.
WIN UP LIFT (60 min) 50,00 EUR
Ultimative skin lifting with products made from swiss iced wine.
Urban Longevity facial (30 min) 40,00 EUR
A quick unisex facial for tired, aging skin. Intensive hydration and removal of signs of tiredness.
Urban Detox facial (60 min) 70,00 EUR
Ideal tretment for anyone, who is subjected to environmental pollution in is in need of skin detox. Treatment is suitable for a removal of different skin imperfections, including acne.
Luxury urban facial (60 min) 100,00 EUR

Luxurious combination of skin rejuvenation and detox. Modern intensive skin carefor correcting specific imperfections and signs of aging, connected with stress.

Nonsurgical lifting treatment (60 min) 100,00 EUR
Combination of appliances (diamond peeling, RDT therapy, vacuum lifting massage, CRYO therapy) and cosmetics for restored volume and tightness of the face.
IRI PEN for wrinkles/ lips (60 min) 200,00 EUR/ 1 ml
Application of hyaluronic filling under the skin for removal of fine lines or volumizing of the lips.
Plasma pen - philings (60 min)100,00 EUR
Treatment for the lifting of the upper eyelid.
Microneedling - philings (75 min) 100,00 EUR
Rejuvenation procedure with which we inject special serums in the skin to boost the collagen production. Skin gets smoother, tighter, wrinkles and scars are softened.
IPL - Removing Active Acne (15 min) 25,00 EUR
Treatment includes surface cleaning, enzyme peeling, and IPL -blue procedure.
IPL - Photorejuvenation (15 min) 25,00 EUR
Treatment includes surface cleaning, enzyme peelinf, and IPL - blue procedure.
Diamond Peeling (30 min) 30,00 EUR
Treatment includes surface cleaning, enzyme peeling, and diamond peeling.
Surchange for Skin Deep Cleansing (30 min) 8,00 EUR
Eyebrow Shaping (10 min) 8,00 EUR
Eyebrow / Eyelash Dyeing (15 min) 8,00 EUR
Eyelash Silk Extensions (120 min) 50,00 EUR
Silk Eyelash Repair, up to 4 weeks after (90 min) 38,00 EUR
Silk Eyelash Repair, up to 3 weeks after (75 min) 33,00 EUR
Eyelash Volume Extensions (130 min) 65,00 EUR
Volume Eyelash Repair, up to 4 weeks after (100 min) 48,00 EUR
Volume Eyelash Repair, up to 3 weeks after (85 min) 43,00 EUR
Eyelash Elleebana Lift & Care (50 min) 33,00 EUR
Eyelash Elleebana Lift & Care - Natural Curl with dyeing (60 min) 38,00 EUR

The price list is valid from 1st July 2019 until further notice.

The privacy of our clients it highly respected, therefore bookings in advance are mandatory, including the use of sauna. Cancellations must be made at the latest 4 hours prior to reserved time, otherwise 50 % of the service price is charged.

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