Therme Paradiso

Thermal Water Park offers 1800 square meters of water surfaces with the unique thermal water, coming from the depth of 706 meters. Its hydro-carbonate, calcium and magnesium-rich thermal water is used to treat rheumatic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, and for relieving stress.

The swimming-pool complex consists of indoor and outdoor swimming pool, children’s pool, baby pool, water slides, and lazy river. The healing elements are complemented by the Sauna Oasiswith no less than eight different saunas, massage and beauty treatments, as well as romantic programmes for couples.

Lazy river, children's pools, and water slides are open only during the summer season. The largest inside/outside pool is open all year around.

Vodni park

The clean thermal water temperature is 54,6º C, pH 7.2, and total mineralization 368 mg/L. Studies on the benefits of thermal water has proven positive degenerative changes for spine, limbs, joints, rheumatic condition, chronic pain, injuries and fractures in example.

Calcium 49 mg/L  Bicarbonate 256,2 mg/L 
- Magnesium 30 mg/L 
Chloride 2,4 mg/L
- Sodium 12,7 mg/L
Sulphate 34,3 mg/L
- Potassium 5,7 mg/L
Silicate 35 mg/L
- Iron 0,43 mg/L
Fluoride 0,64 mg/L
- Strontium and others 0,37 mg/L
Iodide 0,2 mg/L

Bromide 0,1 mg/L
The water also contains 25,8 mg/L of carbon diacid.

Use caution if suffering from high blood pressure, abnormal body temperature, epilepsy, open wounds, physical exhaustion, heart, liver or kidney hypofunction, indigestion, or if you are pregnant.

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