Thai Massages

Thai massage is a combination of massage, yoga and stretching techniques. It relaxes the body and mind, releases pain, improves blood circulation and the immune system, increases flexibility, gives a feeling of physical and mental balance, and strengthens health. Thai massage performed by trained masseuse from Thailand.

Traditional Thai Massage (50 min)42,00 EUR
Traditional Thai Massage (80 min)54,00 EUR
Combines knowledge from Indian yoga, Chinese acupressure, chiropractic techniques, and Japanese shiatsu massage. Unique results in relieving pain from injuries and accidents for tired and strained muscles, and for diseases like rheumatism and sciatica. The massage is performed on clothed body without oil.
Thai Massage with Essential Oils (50 min)46,00 EUR
Thai Massage with Essential Oils (80 min)58,00 EUR
The different approach to relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation, reducing stress, alleviating pain in the spine, strengthening the internal organs and preserving vitality. Recommended to eliminate stress and improve physical health.
Thai Massage with Hot Herbs and Aromatic Oils (80 min)58,00 EUR
The combination of direct massage and warm herbs affect the body pleasantly, especially for removing tissue diseases, inflamed nerves, sciatica, rheumatism, and arthritis. 
Combination of Tradiotional Thai Massage and Massage with Essential Oils (80 min)58,00 EUR
The massage is a combination of stretching exercises to improve suppleness of the body and the greater the flow of energy through the body. Relaxing massage with aromatic oils for smoother and younger looking skin.
Back Massage with Essential Oils (30 min)30,00 EUR
Massage to relieve back pain and after prolonged sitting in a forced position. Aromatic oils are used to effect blood circulation and pain relieve.
Relaxing Thai Foot Massage (40 min)35,00 EUR
Performed by pressing on specific points to relax and balance the body. For the purpose of improving the overall well-being, blood circulation and resistance. 

The price list is valid from 16th June 2017 until further notice.

The privacy of our clients it highly respected, therefore bookings in advance are mandatory, including the use of sauna. Cancellations must be made at the latest 4 hours prior to reserved time, otherwise 50 % of the service price is charged.

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