Manicure e Pedicure

Classical (30 min)16,00 EUR
Nail Gelation and Extension (120 min)   32,00 EUR
Gel Nail Repair (100 min)30,00 EUR
Gel Coating - Alessandro (30 min)20,00 EUR
Gel Coat Repair - Alessandro (45 min)22,00 EUR
Repair of 1 Gel Nail (10 min)3,00 EUR
Repair of 1 Gel Coating (10 min)2,00 EUR
Surchanrge for French Manicure2,00 EUR
Surcharge for Nail Coating / Sticker 1,00 EUR / nail
Removal of Gel Nails / Gel Coating (15 min)10,00 EUR
Nail Coating (10 min)7,00 EUR
Striplac Nail Polish (30 min)18,00 EUR
IBX therapy - first application (15 min)12,00 EUR
IBX therapy - further layers (10 min)8,00 EUR
IBX therapy - under the gel nails (10 min)5,00 EUR
Classical (60 min)25,00 EUR
Spa Pedicure - Pedix (70 min)28,00 EUR
Medical Pedicure (60 min)29,00 EUR
Gel Coating - Alessandro (30 min)16,00 EUR
IPL - Fungus Removal - nails / feet (10 min)22,00 EUR
Removal of Ingrown Nails (30 min)25,00 EUR

The price list is valid from 1st November 2018 until further notice.

The privacy of our clients it highly respected, therefore bookings in advance are mandatory. Cancellations must be made at the latest 4 hours prior to reserved time, otherwise 50 % of the service price is charged.

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