Classical (50 min)33,00 EUR
Partial Massage (20 min)18,00 EUR
Facial, Neck and Cleavage Massage (20 min)18,00 EUR
Anti-Cellulite Massage (20 min)18,00 EUR
Facial Lymphatic Drainage (30 min)25,00 EUR
Lymphatic Drainage, Legs (30 min)25,00 EUR
Mediterranean Massage (50 min)38,00 EUR
The hands of the therapist ove like waves with sweet and nurturing movements that encourage a profound sense of well-being.
Gold Massage (50 min)42,00 EUR
This massage is based on the oil, which contains pure 24 Ka gold leaf. Luxurious massage invigorates the body, increases hydration, vitality, and elasticity.
Spa Essentials Massage (60 min)42,00 EUR
Massage and scrub with 100 % natural fruits. Has beneficial effects on well-being and healty appearance, and helps to damp to the touch silky smooth and tight skin.
Aroma Massage (50 min)38,00 EUR
The effect of essitial oils through the respiratory system and skin. Penetrates deep into the tissue and promotes revocery. Stimulates blood circulation, body detoxication, and muscle tone.
Massage with White Chocolate (50 min)36,00 EUR
A relaxing hot chocolate releases the body and soul, benefitting blood circulation and mental condition. Nurtures the skin, remineralises and makes it velvety soft.
Hot Stone Massage (70 min)42,00 EUR
The heat emitted by hot stones penetrates into the skin and muscles so they become soft and flexible. Encourages lymphatic circulation, stimulates the power of self-healing and psychic balance.
Massage with Warm Massage Wax (50 min)38,00 EUR
Massage with warm massage wax with the heat releases and refeshes the body and eliminates fatugue. Revives and strenghens the skin, improves circulation, and gives a rejuvenating effect.
Chocomint Massage (60 min)42,00 EUR
Special body care with chocolate designed to spoil you. Cocoa butter moisturizes and protects the skin from aging. Care includes chocolate body scrub, hot chocolate coating, and massage with chocolate oil.
Argan Oil Massage (50 min)38,00 EUR
Massage rebalances the phycial energy flow though the meridians, improves blood circulation, regulates the orgarns, unblocks tensions and promotes natural repositioning of the bones.
NEW! Tranquillity Massage (75 min)50,00 EUR
Massage with aromatherapy affects the release deep tension of mind and body. Done in pleasant, specially selected music with wonderful fragrance of tranquility.
NEW! Massage with Herbal Sheaves (60 min)48,00 EUR
Very enjoyable and relaxing massage. Based on essential oils, which are emitted from medicinal herbs.

The price list is valid from 1st November 2018 until further notice.

The privacy of our clients it highly respected, therefore bookings in advance are mandatory. Cancellations must be made at the latest 4 hours prior to reserved time, otherwise 50 % of the service price is charged.

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