Trattamento Corpo

Body Wrapping Aromatherapy Treatment (60 min)38,00 EUR
Treatment includes peeling, wrapping with bandages after spreading of essential oils, lymphanic drainage and anti-cellulite massage.
Algae Treatment (60 min)38,00 EUR
Treatment includes full body peeling, masking, and anti-cellulite massage.
Peel-Off Drainage (60 min)38,00 EUR
Accelerates the secretion of fat, water, and toxins from the body. Includes peeling, peel off mask, and anti-cellulite massage.
Thermal Treatment (60 min)38,00 EUR
The thermal effect of reduces the reduction of fat cells. Treatment includes peeling, mask, and anti-cellulite massage.
Body Wrapping with Lipolit Oil 60 min)38,00 EUR
The cooling effect of the Lipolit oil reduces the reduction of fat cells.
Body Wrapping Cinnamon Treatment (60 min)38,00 EUR
Promotes the drainage of water and toxins from the body. Gives the thermal effect that enchances fat burning.
Body Peeling (20 min)18,00 EUR
Forming Treatment CAVITATION (60 min)35,00 EUR
The treament includes vibration panel, vacuum cavitation, mechanical lymphatic drainage.
Forming Treatment CRYO (60 min)35,00 EUR
The treament includes RDT, CPTehnology, CRYO therapy.
Firming Treatment (60 min)35,00 EUR
The treament includes radiofrequency nad electrostimulations of muscles.
Therapy Removal of Stretch Marks (60 min)35,00 EUR
The treament includes diamond peeling, derma roller / RDT, IPL - yellow.
Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage (30 min)15,00 EUR
Electro Stimulation of Muscles (30 min)15,00 EUR
Green Plate (10 min)10,00 EUR

The price list isvalid from 1st November 2018 until further notice.

The privacy of our clients it highly respected, therefore bookings in advance are mandatory. Cancellations must be made at the latest 4 hours prior to reserved time, otherwise 50 % of the service price is charged.

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